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Still here for posterity. Thanks for the memories!

Right then, straight down to business. This page is where we're looking back to when we moved out of our familiar comfort zone of fundraising with the 07/08 Big Damn Worldwide Charity Draw in aid of Equality Now. We've received all the donations and so everyone should have got their goodies by now. If not, then please follow this simple list and all will be right with the world:

1. Cry and bemoan the lack of snazzy gifts won by the fair hand of chance.
2. Stop crying and ping us an email so we can sort it out.
3. Hear us being all obsequious and apologise about 'clerical errors'.
4. Check out the rest of the site, merchandise and links.

Anyhow, over a weekend in November 2007 at the Serenity Event in Los Angeles, we randomly selected a whole clutch of winning tickets from our electronic bucket (basically an accurate impartial lotto device like those on random.org) under the watchful eyes of some special guests. The winning numbers and their owners are listed below, so take a look and see if you are one of the lucky ones that FIREFLYSTORE will be contacting very shortly to arrange delivery of your prize!

Not content with making all these people happy, we wanted to spread the love further still and so the 'runners up' listed below will also be getting some shiny goodness through the mail sometime soon.... basically they will all get some things randomly selected out of a stack of stickers, badges, signed postcards, 10x8 signed items, donated items, merchandise and anything else we can scoop out from the remains of our prize locker!

As for the important aspect of the fundraising, well the raffle alone raised approx £1,585 ($3,314) to add into our 2007 grand total for charity! So from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to EVERYONE who bought one of the 3,255 final tickets in the draw. Along with everything else this year (and our upcoming charity auctions) you will all have contributed to raising a stack load of money for charity in the name of Browncoats Worldwide.

And for that, we can ALL sit here and be extremely proud. Okay then, without further ado (*drum roll*) the winners of the 2007 Charity Big Damn Draw are:

Complete screen-worn Reaver costume and accessories from SERENITY
3696 -
Angela Robinson (Blackburn, UK)

Astonishing X-Men Issue #1 - signed by Joss Whedon and Stan Lee
2612 - Narien (South Korea)

Original oil painting onto box-stretched canvas reading for hanging
2436 - Leaf on the Wind (Birmingham, UK)

Limited edition SERENITY blueprints presentation and signed
3979 - Sarah Somerfield  (Bristol, UK)

Limited edition lithograph poster signed by Jo Chen and Joss Whedon
2221 -
Katie Metcalfe (Liverpool, UK) 

2 x full passes from Starfury Conventions (any future event)
2632 - Christopher Gross (North Potomac, MD) 

Guest Presenter on SENDING A WAVE podcast show
3022 - Rachel Fuller (Away with the Fairies)

Signed FIREFLY and SERENITY artist sketchbook from Jason Palmer
5064 - Tigerflag Natural Perfumery (Mesa, AZ)

Grant Gould limited edition Serenity, Buffy and Angel full colour artwork
4181 - Matthew Meyers (England)

Set of 3 companion books: SERENITY, FIREFLY Vol 1 and FIREFLY Vol 2
- Jay Rees (Middlewich, UK) 

Set of 3 companion books: SERENITY, FIREFLY Vol 1 and FIREFLY Vol 2
- Phil Jimmieson (West Kirby, Wirral) 

Original screen-used SERENITY bank note from Nathan Fillion esquire
- Pauline Manley (Bedford, UK)

Framed original signed picture of Eliza Dushku (Buffy, Angel, Tru Calling)
3794 - Andrew Bate (Worcester, UK)

SERENITY special edition of Australian Empire Magazine and DVD
4088 - Ruth Needle (From a galaxy far, far away)

Complete set of DRIVE 10x8 promotional pictures
2118 - Tony Bufton (Craven Arms, Shropshire)

Exclusive SERENITY sketch cards to celebrate European DVD launch
- Moogie (Edinburgh, Scotland) 

Choice of any 2 shirts or bags from Black Market Beagles Store
4092 - Kim Robertson (Edinburgh, Scotland) 

DRIVE promo items: 5 x plastic driver licenses and 1 x air freshener
4844 - Rosalynn Christian (Irving, TX)

RIVER artistic print signed by Summer Glau and the artist (A3)
3401 - Guro Bjerkan (Norway)

WIZKiDS SET #1 - CCG, roleplaying sets, boosters and other rarities
5221 - Rob Perry (Newcastle)


We say....

It's great to have raised so much cash for charity despite a big struggle to get awareness out there and online - so a massive thanks to everyone who helped us to get through the barriers and spread the word. You already know who you are (but we've also namechecked you too heheheh). Best of all, we take great pride in the fact that more than 20% of all entrants (that's 1 in 5, math fans) have won something, with no duplications! Yep, along with the main winners and runners up online here, we also dished out specific prizes to fan groups, Australian entrants, SFX magazine readers and others. So the love has been well and truly spread for all concerned.

And of course, forgetting the prizes and the fuzzy feeling of helping charities for one minute, please remember that the next best thing with being entered is that everyone who bought a ticket will have their name included as part of an exclusive poster being designed by renowned Browncoat and fantastic artist Adam Levermore-Rich of BlackMarketBeagles.com. This is going to be framed and versions presented to all head offices of Equality Now worldwide, as well as being given to the cast, crew and media guys who have helped us out.

This means that all the participants will be officially acknowledged for supporting this great cause - permantently displayed on office walls of various important people! Plus, a digital version is freely available online from this website for everyone to download, print out and keep for themselves.

Click poster image below or [right click] and [save target as] to download it.

So, in no particular order, muchos thankos to:

Stephen at Propstore London
Dave and Ade at SFX Magazine
Narin 'If it moves, pimp it' Bahar
Chris 'Rutting and Merchandising' Slinn
Paul 'Far too many aliases and nicknames' Washington
Pete 'Bought and donated loads' Bird
Del 'Bought and donated even more' Burton
Tony 'He's always around' Bufton
Chris of serenitystuff.com
Anoup and Ruth at WIZKIDS!
Sean Harry of Starfury Conventions
Wendy and Toni - you rock
Jewel, Matty, Morena, Adam, Ron, Mark and Nathan for well, you know.
Ellie at TITAN Books
Brian and the guys
QMx and Browncoat Cruise
Grant Gould
James Marsters and all at Robot Promotions
Tim Minear and Mutant Enemy

Jason at Showmasters
Jacqui and Alice at UK Equality Now

Thanks to lots and lots of other people too and of course, ALL the fans.

Just remember though, our fundraising for this year ain't over yet....



These are a few of our main sponsors and supporters - we're still happy to be pimping them out as heroes. In our opinion, they are all absolutely fantastic and have demonstrated such generosity and such a willingness to help out that it almost makes us weep. Almost. Do yourselves a favour and check out the LINKS section for more information on the lot of 'em.




Here are some images of the prizes that have been won:


The dull official blurb that hopefully keeps us cool with the powers that be.
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All power to Mutant Enemy, Joss Whedon and his cohorts Tim Minear, Dave Greenwalt and all the excellent crew and writers for making a mere 14 episodes and a Big Damn movie amount to a heck of a lot more. Oh yes and if you've made it this far reading the blurb, you deserve a gorram medal so we may as well remind you that profits from items are being donated to the charity Equality Now to help them fight the good fight. Yep, their logo is here for a reason and not just 'cos it looks nice. Although it is a nice design of course. So support us, support Equality Now and above all - be safe, happy, healthy and well-dressed in the 'Verse. Take care everyone.

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