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Don't worry, you still Can't Stop The Serenity!

We are proud to have been one of the global sponsors of Can't Stop The Serenity events in recent years and help to spread the love and donating prizes. And yep, we're hoping to do even more this year for 2013.

If you're one of those people who have just discovered Firefly or Serenity then let us offer you many warm congratulations for joining a very special type of club. And for any existing die-hard Browncoats, hello! 

Basically this site offers everyone in the World a chance to own something that displays their affection to the fantastic show known as Firefly, along with raising money for charity through the profits, so you can now look great and feel special inside at the same time.
In addition to several ranges of shirts and bags, we also try to stock a variety of trading cards and other collectibles and rarities.

We are pleased to also donate profits from a variety of our merchandise sales directly to Equality Now and (something very personal to us) various adoption charities.

With so many children out there in urgent need of some unconditional love, trust and stability, we're keen to do whatever it takes to help, including raising awareness, encouraging participation and working with charities here in the UK, as well as those elsewhere in the world.

Just as important, is preventing domestic violence and attacks/abuse on women, something very close to our hearts. It's very scary that 1 in 3 women will be attacked in their lives. If together we can stop just 1 of those, that will be a truly wonderful thing. Anyhow, enough sentiment.

Have fun, love life, stay safe and see you out in the 'Verse!


The dull official blurb that hopefully keeps us cool with the powers that be.
FireflyStore is NOT officially authorised by Universal Pictures, Fox or any kind of bigshot suitman involved with Firefly or Serenity - although we'd like to think that most of the cast and crew are hopefully fans of our efforts. Having said that, no copyright infringement is implied or intended, therefore all imagery and graphics used are original creations and are to be treated as character likeness portraits. Firefly and all references contained within this site are owned by Fox Broadcasting Company and any related entities. References related to the movie Serenity are managed and owned by Universal Pictures. All rights from work of commissioned artists remains with Fireflystore and all artists retain intellectual copyright and our undying admiration and appreciation.

All power to Mutant Enemy, Joss Whedon and his cohorts Tim Minear, Dave Greenwalt and all the excellent crew and writers for making a mere 14 episodes and a Big Damn movie amount to a heck of a lot more. Oh yes and if you've made it this far reading the blurb, you deserve a gorram medal so we may as well remind you that profits from items are being donated to the charity Equality Now to help them fight the good fight. Yep, their logo is here for a reason and not just 'cos it looks nice. Although it is a nice design of course. So support us, support Equality Now and above all - be safe, happy, healthy and well-dressed in the 'Verse. Take care everyone.

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